White Undertone CMYK Toner Refill Kit


CMYK Toner Refills & reset chip for Ricoh Aficio printer and white undertone printer.


  1. Refilling cartridges either by the end user, or as a service, is claimed by most printer manufacturers and toner remanufacturers to be harmful to both the quality and reliability of the prints, the cartridge as well as the life of the printers.
  2. Life cycle assessments may indicate that recycling is a preferable option.
  3. The quality of third party toners can vary immensely, and it is also important that the toner is appropriate for the particular printer.

Common problems can include:

  1. Insufficient lubricant in the toner, leading to drum, developer unit or cleaning blade damage.
  2. Wrong melting point, leading to fouling in the fusing unit, print rubbing off, etc.
  3. Wrong electrostatic properties or particle size, leading to a dirty machine and poor quality print.
  4. Large amounts of loose toner in the machine can also cause fouling and damage to the mechanisms, and air filters can become clogged, causing overheating.
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